Thursday, October 07, 2010

Anchor go "DUH"

Last night on Channel 9's "news," they ran a story about Bob Newhart being honored at the Paley Center for 50 years of show business success. The news item featured clips of some of his shows, including the one in the 70s that costarred Suzanne Pleshette.

At the end of the story, the two anchors, one of whom was Sharon Tay and one of whom wasn't, waded into the dangerous waters of banter. The other anchor said he'd always liked Suzanne Pleshette.

Sharon Tay: "She was beautiful. She still is."
Other anchor: "Well...."

After an inscrutable silence, the weathergirl threw it to herself, acknowledging the incredibly awkward moment that had just been magically created.

Suzanne Pleshette has been dead for nearly three years.

Where does one start?

First, I caught this moment while merely flipping channels, which makes me wonder what other kind of idiocy goes on during live news broadcasts in L.A.

Second, the competition for such jobs must be fierce, because if I think anyone can do it, no telling how many other people are thinking the same thing.

More than that, it makes me wonder what other insincere ad libs anchors make. Clearly, Tay didn't know Pleshette was deceased, but acted in full confidence that Pleshette was not only alive but looked just terrific, as if she'd bumped into her recently at the Chateau Marmont. If she or any other news reader would toss off something like that, what other bullshit do they throw at us without reservation or correction?

If anyone saw this or has any evidence that she apologized, then by all means post it as a reply. I didn't stick around long enough to wait for them to come back from commercial to see if they'd make mention of it.

Also, I wonder if Sharon Tay is easy. Actually, I've wondered that about her for years. After all, before she stuck her foot in her mouth, she was beautiful. She still is.


Maryscott OConnor said...

Jaw. Hits. Floor.

Maryscott OConnor said...
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Dave Meyer said...


Not being an LA-ite, I did what any forward thinking American male would do - I Google image searched her.

Sorry - what were you talking about?