Sunday, November 18, 2012

My birthday with Steffie

Today's my birthday. No, I didn't get laid. But I did get a little bit screwed.

Fact is, my cable/Internet company is gouging me again, so I took this opportunity (i.e., Sunday) to LiveChat with one of their representatives about how expensive it was becoming. All I was trying to do was wheedle a discount from them. They've done this sort before.

Instead, I get run-around. This just brings out the wise-ass in me. Naturally, I screen-capped as much of it as I could. We pick it up after the boring stuff, including rudimentary BS from a nice chap named Alberto:

She ended things too fast for me to get the last screencap, but as best as I can recall, the denouement was this:

Steffie: (something about taxes etc)
Joe: In that case, we've reached an impasse. I'm afraid this is goodbye, Steffie. I'm... I'm sorry about us.
Steffie: Do you have any other questions?
Joe: Is there a God, or is He just a human construct we invented to cope with the forlornness of the human condition?
Steffie: I believe in God. Do you have any other questions?
Joe: No. I'm gonna go to God's LiveChat for additional help.